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My pup, Kody, has been attending Coastal Canine Daycare for almost a year now.  He gets so excited each morning to see not only his furry friends, but the staff as well.  They took us in on an urgent evaluation after we moved and discovered an onset of canine separation anxiety.  The team welcomed him in from day one and he has been thriving. They have also been very attentive to point out any changes in health or behavior when there has been such an occurrence.  Coastal Canine treats their clients like family and puts my mind at ease while I am at work.  I highly recommend their services if you want quality care and for your pup to be spoiled as they should be.

Tina & Kody

I have 2 weimaraners, that when I rescued them 3 yrs ago, wasn't sure how they would be with other dogs. I went to Coastal Canine, right after they opened, in 2018, to see what a doggie daycare was like.  I spoke with the owner, Karen, and explained my situation. She told me to bring the dogs in, and let's see how they do. I was a nervous wreck..... they are very hyper, and being siblings, they feed off of each other. Well, Karen brought them outback, to another room, she came back out to talk to me, and after a few minutes, I asked if my dogs are with other dogs, or alone, she said, that they were with other dogs,  I was floored... I think I actually cried a little, because I was so excited, and relieved, that they would get along, so I could bring them back.
Needless to say, I have been bringing them to daycare for 2 years now. At the beginning, they would be hesitant to go in, but now, Omg, I barely get in the door, and off they go.
The daycare is family owned, with, Mom Karen, and her 2 daughters, Megan, and Melissa. They give them so much love, and affection, I almost feel guilty, that my babies, like them more than  Their doggie clientele has grown tremendously, since they opened, because of their caring and dedication for their love of dogs. I have highly recommended Coastal Canine, ever since they opened because of the care my dogs get, plus, they're exhausted when they get home.
Thank God for Coastal Canine...... Love, Love, Love them.

Tracey, Morgan, and Macie

Bam and Gabbie.jpg

Our boy Laddie has been attending daycare for a bit over a year. He LOVES going to ‘school’, he is treated extremely well, he has made many friends and it has helped his personality tremendously (he was a rescue and came with his unique baggage). We are so happy to have found them!

Linda & Laddie

Anytime my pup goes to daycare she is out of her mind excited as soon as we pull in and is in a coma when she gets home. These girls love our pup as much as we do! Highly recommend this place. 100 ⭐️

Carol & Noel

My Bentley is a rambunctious 11 lb Havanese who suffers severely from separation anxiety. He now looks forward to going to Coastal Canine for a day of fun with his furry friends. I highly recommend Coastal Canine. They are now Bentley’s 2nd family and I am very proud to say so. You can always feel the love!

Cheryl & Bentley

My dog Ramona love going to daycare here and loves everyone that works there. She starts crying as soon as she knows where we are going and can't wait to go play. She's always happy when I pick her up, it really helps her socialize and get her excess energy out regularly when I'm working!

Dr. Dana, Ramona, & Gimli

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